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Earthen Heart Massage Studio Remodel Photo Gallery

*300 sq.ft. Storage Space Converted Into Least-Toxic Massage Studio
*Followed Chemical Sensitivity Guidelines
*Owner hosted plaster work party

Environmental Applications
-All wood FSC Certified or Re-used from Olympia Salvage
-Reed Mat Plaster Substrate
-Reduced EMFs (Electric & Magnetic Fields)

-Earthen Plaster and paints

Garden Raised Bounty (GRuB) Farmhouse Photo Gallery

*Community-supported construction project for non-profit organization 
*Serves as community and education center as well as program/office headquarter
*Deep environmental ethics and volunteer participation in many aspects of project

Environmental Applications

--Concrete radiant heat, slab-on-grade
--"FasWall" recycled content ICF wall system
--Hand-troweled lime stucco exterior & earthen plaster interior (utilizing on-site clay).
--Advanced framing and air tight drywall construction.
--Rigid insulation with rain screen siding system, over the framing upstairs
--Greywater and rainwater ready
--Significant reclaimed, sustainably harvested(FSC) and donated wood.
--Other materials that were low VOC, regionally  made, containing recycled content, or having Energy Star or Built Green specifications.

Dan Kelly Home Photo Gallery

*2400 sq.ft. 2BR Durasol Home and Office
*First Permitted Durasol Home in South Sound
*Owner-built General Contractor

Environmental Applications
-Durasol - A Recycled woodchip (ICF) Insulating Concrete Form
-Exterior Lime Stucco
-Interior Earthen Plasters

-Committment to Salvaged Materials

Dawson-Moore Home Photo Gallery

*800 sq.ft. Auxiliary Dwelling Unit
*First Permitted Urban Straw Bale Home in Region
*Owner-built General Contractor
*High level of owner involvement offsetting labor cost
*Owners Hosted Bale Raising and Exterior Plaster Workshop

Environmental Applications
-Post and Beam Construction
-Straw Bale and Icynene Insulation
-Earth and Lime based Plasters
-Committment to Salvaged Materials
-Wood chip/clay wall infill for enclosed porch
-Passive Solar Design

Gene and Karen Kraft Home Photo Gallery

* 900 sq. ft. Farm House
* Facilitated owner/builer to be General Contractor

Environmental Applications
- Super Insulated Envelope using recycled blue jean and rigid insulations
- Earthen Plasters using local clay, sand and horse manure, over...
- Reed lath substraight
- Botanical oils and Milk Paint finishes

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