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We'll help you host a work party to get your job done.

We often organize and/or facilitate workshops or work parties that provide benefits in many ways. These include educating and empowering the participants, outreach and connection that builds community and future relationships, and increased value to the homeowner from many hands on their home.

We Offer:

Building with Cob   (earthen masonry with incredible sculptural potential):
• Workshops have focused around walls, benches, earthen ovens and sculptural installations. We teach how to evaluate materials, basics of designing for cob, mixing techniques, wall building, arches, sculpting, natural finishes and fastening doors, windows and roofs. Stomping in, smearing and sculpting marvelous mud

Earthen Plasters:
• Workshops have focused on projects constructed of wood framing, Faswall and straw bales. These plasters consist of materials come directly from the site or neighborhood. We outline steps involved and show examples of surface preparation, how to asses site-sourced materials for suitability and determine the appropriate mixing ratios along with demonstration of the art of mixing natural clay plasters and hands-on application techniques.

Lime Plaster or Stucco:

• Similar to Earthen plaster in applications however lime is quite a bit more specialized. The workshops have included….introduction to lime’s history, chemistry, uses, advantages and variety. Preparation of surfaces, selection ofmaterials, premix plaster or mix your own for the project. Introduce additives for lime and there functions, introduce tools, setting up staging and rhythm, application techniques.

Natural Paints or traditional origins:
• Workshops and work parties have focused on painting plaster surfaces as well as drywall and masonry. Clay and milk protein are natural and biodegradable binders used in traditional paint finishes used to protect and make beautiful a variety of building surfaces The coatings have no chemicals, are durable and resist rot and fire.

Other—Wattle and Daub, Straw Clay, Chip slip:
• Various sacred spaces using traditional techniques from around the world. Utilizing combinations of cellulose and earth.



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Home Empowerment Project

You can join ongoing work parties by connecting with the

Home Empowerment Project.

This initiative helps neighbors perform simple weatherization tasks on each other's home. It saves money, reduces energy consumption and builds community. You can host a work party or join in by attending one.