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These are some of the favorite organizations that we're actively involved with.



The Northwest Eco building Guild-
A network of builders, designers, suppliers and others focused on ecologically sustainable building. Organizes on line and print version version of the Green Pages, a directory of Pacific Northwest professionals involved in pioneering ecological building.-We have been active members for the past 9 years.

The Home Empowerment Project-
A neighborhood based, do-it-yourself weatherization program designed to
* empower people, * build community and * reduce energy use.
Joseph Becker is the founder and main instigator behind this.

Terra Commons-
Olympia based non-profit network. We serve communities by researching, designing, and practicing habitat restoration, sustainable agriculture, and natural building. Joseph Becker is a co-founder, while Micheal Kelly heads up the forest Garden Project

Fertile Ground-
An ecological bed and breakfast, community center and demonstration site with an incredible garden, located in downtown Olympia. Joseph Becker is on the advisory board and shares with this place and these people often.

Natural Building Network-
The best place to find natural building contractors and workshops, locally, nationally and internationally.

The City Repair Project-
All-volunteer grassroots organization helping people reclaim their urban spaces to create community-oriented places, Portland Oregon. Joseph Becker and others have an annual pilgrimage to the City Repair Projects "Village Building Convergence" (late spring).