Our Philosophy:

We use natural, locally sourced, reclaimed, recycled and other ecological materials. We focus on making sure that everything we work with is the least toxic choice possible.
In this way we hope to build structures that are affordable, uniquely appealing, and which will improve our built environment, for those who live in it now and for the generations to come.

We believe that these natural materials carry a life, a texture and a spirit that reinforces a human's connection to place. It is this connection to place that nourishes the heart and creates that unique feeling of calm and safety, of being at home.

We believe that the process of constructing a home is a personal investment in building a healthy community because, ideally, a structure should enhance the beauty and abundance of a landscape rather than detract from it. We can only build such structures if we cultivate our relationships, to one another, to our clients and to our environment. This is our intention.

What sets us apart:

If you wish, we will build for you. Or if you wish, we will build with you, helping as needed. We specialize in collaborative building processes, facilitating participation thorough hands on guidance, educational workshops and coordinating volunteer work parties. These opportunities can save you money, empower people and build connections. We are very interested in working with our clients to create meaningful, comfortable and durable human habitation.

Who we are:

We are a dedicated and skilled alliance of individuals in Olympia Washington. We hold a profound respect for our environment and how we share our resources. We build with these things in mind.

Joseph Becker
Rama Lash
Tibor Breuer
Michael Kelly
Chris van Daalen
Craig Lawrence
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